About Us

Hello! Nina's Axolotl Nursery is a small home based business in Wheeling, West Virginia. Small,but we prefer it that way so every axolotl receives the love and care they deserve. 

Nina has been raising axolotls since she was a young girl. She grew up on a farm and always treated her animals like her best friends. Over time, her love grew even more for these cute neotenic salamanders. She started out by taking in a few rescue axolotls that needed lots of love and rehabilitation. At the young age of 12, she would spend hours reading and educating herself on how to care for them properly.  After months of caring for, and seeing lots of progression, she knew that this was something she always wanted to do and loved.   

Nina’s Axolotl Nursery’s number one dedication is the health of the axolotls in  the nursery. This ranges from overall health, genetic lines, daily care, shipping procedures, and so much more.  Every axolotl in the nursery from 2.5 inches is hand fed European earthworms daily. They also are encouraged to use their hunting instincts to look for dead food or pellets on the tank floor. We make sure they are introduced to a variety of foods that way they won’t have any new food issues when going to their forever homes. At the nursery, we provide the axolotls with high quality home raised live foods such as baby brine shrimp, blackworms, and European earthworms. 

Water quality is the key to a healthy axolotl. We make sure every tub or tank that an axolotl is housed in has the appropriate amount of water and space with DAILY clean water changes.  Our tubs are rotated so each dirty tub can be thoroughly cleaned after use. This is very important because slime build up can cause bacterial issues for our axolotls. We care for and raise each axolotl with the intention of providing our customers with the healthiest most virulent axolotls available on the market.

We offer several different options when it comes to buying an axolotl. Not only are you able to purchase an axolotl that was hatched and raised here or an egg that was laid here at the nursery you can also “adopt” one of the several axolotls we rescue and rehabilitate. 

That being said, not only is this website a place for you to order your future best friend, but a place where you can turn to if you are unable to care for your axolotl. Please feel free to contact us.