Listed below are the most frequently asked questions for new owners. If your question isn’t answered below feel free to Contact Us and we will happily assist you. 


How many years can an axolotl live for?

    With proper care axolotls can live as long as 15 years! Water quality is the most important factor for an axolotls health.

    Can I choose whether I order a male or female?

      Absolutely, as long as stock permits. We will list whether or not the adult axolotl is male or female.  However, all of our juvenile axolotls are listed unsexed. Why? Axolotls do not reach maturity until they are 18 months old. Thus, making it nearly impossible to be 100 percent certain on gender.  Some males do start showing around 6 months of age. 

      Can my axolotl just eat blood worms?

        No! Blood worms don’t have enough nutrients to help an axolotl grow healthy

        Can I keep more than one axolotl in the same tank?

          Yes, just make sure your tank is large enough. 20 gallon for one axolotl plus an additional 10 gallons for each extra. Nips can happen but if you are feeding well then it won’t be a concern. Never house a male and female together. They will continuously breed and cause your female to suffer. If you house multiple, once one starts showing to be a male they will need to be separated.

          What are the biggest struggles of being a new axolotl parent?

          The two biggest issues we see new owners overcome is water quality and water temperature. Those are also the TWO most important factors when raising an axolotl. Check out our Essential Care Guide

          What if I can no longer care for my axolotl?

            Please Contact Us and we will gladly send you a kit with instructions on how to ship the axolotl back. You must cover shipping costs.